Saturday, 9 August 2008

Your personal journey

I have titled this post as such because we all have a slightly different path in this life to follow and at the end of the day even though we share experiences here and with friends, how we experience things in this life is a very personal thing.

Some people could be forgiven for thinking that because that the future is going to happen anyway that they themselves haven’t got much to do. This is not really the case, let me give an example.

What is awareness?

Down the road someone opens a new shop, then a few days later you walk past it, now just by walking past the shop you have seen it or you may of, in fact missed it because you were thinking about something and you just didn’t see it. Either way the shop is still there whether you saw it or not, the shop exists.

If you didn’t see it then you are not aware it exists. If it closed tomorrow you would be none the wiser as you never saw it in the first place.

The following day you walk past it again, this time you do see it and in fact go in and look around so now not only are you aware the shop exists but now you know what it sells. The difference between being aware or unaware is that simple. The act of being aware of something alone will cause a reaction. Being actively aware means doing something about it, like going into the shop.

Very little is required of you but the following will give you a good start.

Belief: You need to not only believe in yourself but in what you do, your are in your own right an amazing magical being, and are capable of many things.

Intent: Whether it is healing or anything else you do your intention is key, whatever you intend to do will happen, your intention is a powerful tool.

Commitment: Follow through on everything you do, research, read, ask questions, only by doing so can you expand your knowledge and make informed choices and decisions.

By being aware you see more of the whole picture.