Saturday, 20 October 2007


Hi everyone, you may of notice little being posted at the moment and have some bad news for readers of Scruffyhippo's blog.

Scruffyhippo was taken into hospital last week suffering with a heart attack and it has taken us all by surprise as he was always busy and very active with a lot of time for everyone.

He is now stable and is due back out today but he has already told me that he will be absent from the internet for a time while he recovers.

I will myself be checking for comments, but in the mean time have opened the comments for the regulars, if you have already left comments in the last week and they have not yet been added, bear with me as I am myself quite new to this and end up having to ask Scruffyhippo dozens of questions.

Angeleyes xxx

Saturday, 13 October 2007

What's it like to be psychic, Part 4

To start this series of articles from the beginning go to Part 1

So far we have talked about some basics about the psychic world and in a way hopefully made it sound quite simple, well really it is, I believe we are all psychic, or at least have the potential to use out psychic side.

You just need to be shown how, it’s a bit like getting something for the first time and again I will use the computer as an example.

Not long back I updated my paint shop programme to version 8 from version 4, now I got it from someone that no longer needed it and as always the books were not part of what I was given, I loaded the programme and it asked me ‘did I want to over write the existing version’ I clicked yes.

When I opened it for the first time there was very little I recognised, it had completely changed, so over the next few days I had to play around with it and learn how things worked (and what didn’t) I was frustrating to try and do things when your not sure how to do it, but when you get the hang of it you end up really pleased with yourself and impressed when you discover new applications it can do and how easy other thing are that used to take ages.

So it’s the same with what ever we do, if you learn how something works and your own limitations, then it gets easier, once you know how to ’switch on’ or use your psychic application then doing actual psychic ‘stuff’ is just a matter of practice, it really is that easy.

Working with your psychic side has certain aspects attached to it that make it work, and understanding these principles helps you understand what is going on when you switch on or tune in, and our energy field plays a great part in that, the aura.

Here is another exercise you can try but you may need at least three other participants,
Sit in a chair facing away from the other volunteers and ask one of them to stand behind you and lightly lay their hand s on your shoulders, ask them not to speak so you have no idea which one it is standing there behind you, then with your eyes closed just say the first things that come to mind, you may get images flashing through your head or feelings that don’t seem to be yours, you may sense names, places objects or colours, just go with it relax and say the first things that you are experiencing, don’t think about it, because once your mind kicks in you will lose the intuitive flow.
After a while you can try to guess who is behind you, you may just ‘know, it’s a women and has fair hair, and that is fine, now see if your are right, and ask the person that was standing there for some feedback and if anything you said made sense to them, again it doesn’t matter if it sound like garbage to you, it’s not for you, as long as the person standing behind you understands what you have said then you have succeeded.

Look out for Part 5

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

What is it like to be psychic? Part 3

To start this series of articles from the beginning go to Part 1

Being psychic, doesn’t necessarily mean, you do readings for people, there is far more to it than just that, readings are a tiny part, or an offshoot if you prefer.

Psychometry is another aspect of psychic work, although not all psychics do this, it’s useful for readings, but can also enlighten an owner of a ring for instance as to the previous owners, I do what I call 'House Psychometry', where I will go to a house that I have no knowledge of and describe the changes taken place over the years to the fabric of the building or even what was there before it, this works in conjunction with residual or retentive energies, (I touched on this in Part 1) that is the energy retained by an object or building, by touching the walls of the house etc, you get a better connection with it, I have been lucky enough to do this at Stonehenge and touch the stones without to many people around, I learnt who built it and why, and it seems all the experts are telling us all the wrong history of the place, this will be the subject of a article I will be writing in the future as it will cause a bit of an uproar.

Pre-cognition, is something that comes across as something many people experience and don’t really know what it is. Pre-cognition is the ability to see future events before they happen, I have had dozens of e-mails on this subject from people that have experienced this for the first time, so I will explain what is here, I do experience this but only a few seconds before the event, a bit like déjà vu, the sense that your are experiencing something that has happened before, but pre-cognition is the other way round, you get a sense of something about to happen then it does, I get this if I drive to fast then I see cars pulling out of turnings just before they actually do, this is not a conscious effort but more of an inbuilt safety device, and to an extent after thinking about it many people agree they have also experienced this too.

But Pre-cognition can happen hours, days or even weeks and months before an event actually occurs, and some have seen disasters unfold long before they happen.

To many it’s frightening to say the least, to some a useful predictive tool to plan the future, as some only have these visions about their own circumstances.

There’s not much you can do if you have these experiences, if you start telling people you think the number 190 bus is going to crash into the river on Tuesday, most will be looking at restraining white jackets for a while, although well known psychics that can use and control this form of visions can use it to help others.

As I have said I don’t really get this much, so find it hard to explain in depth, those I have had contact with that do tell me it was the first thing they have ever done and from there learnt about other aspects of psychic mechanics.

Many people of wealth have offered money for a psychic to prove what they can do, but they think every psychic is the same and talk about psi-power and telekinesis, which is another subject completely…….

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