Sunday, 6 June 2010

Is there life after you die?

I was asked this question on another site and felt compelled to answer with the following.

The easy answer is yes.

But there is far more to it, I probably could write an entire chapter on it and maybe one day I will but for now let me try to explain.

Firstly my spiritual journey goes back to childhood and developed over the last 30 years to include studying everything I could get my hands on.

Some of my experiences defy belief but put it all together like most people you develop your own opinions and beliefs.

Even with all this learning and experiences I had encountered, some years ago I spent 2 years by myself and totally immersed in studying and practicing all kinds of psychic, earth based and spiritual disciplines and had spirit around me all the time, from them I learnt a lot, including who we are and what we become, although this is not the general held belief, this is my experience and how it was shown and told to me.

As humans we can only really imagine things from a human point of view which is why we imagine god as a person, or at least an image of a man with a white beard and we imagine those who have passed to be as they were when they still lived, in fact many mediums will say they can see and describe this person to you.

In many ways they can because this is how the images and information is passed to many mediums, I myself saw many people in spirit including spirit guides and animals.

But the truth is, this is not how they actually are and simply by asking I was shown many things one of them was to change my view and understanding of the spirit world or upper realms as I prefer to call them.

As I have said I had spirit around me most of the time and one particular day I was sitting in the garden in the sun and had dozed off, I was awaken by the sense of someone walking passed me, thinking a friend had turned up I got up and went into the house to see who it was, there was no one there, although that said I could sense spirit people around, I boiled the kettle and sat back down, and was aware of someone quite near me and just casually asked a question (I did this regularly anyway) the question was how do you really look, slowly in front of me a bright speck of light appeared, now you have to remember it’s a bright sunny day yet I could plainly make this out, it got brighter until it formed what can only be described as a bright mini star,.

This totally amazed me but put everything into context, we were in the beginning pure energy and will go back to the energy source as energy, the soul to me is this energy spark, this individual consciousness that make each of us who we are, they prefer to show themselves to us as who we remember them to be, because after all we are only human.