Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Is it moving

As I am updating my website, I was looking thru some of my images files and found this, is it moving?

Monday, 14 May 2007

Blog Update May

I have been finding it hard to get on here a keep the posts up to date with all my other commitments and websites, http://www.psychicvisions.org has been causing some problems for a while now and the forums have been running to slow, so I decided to put a new forum on my other server.
Now with 180 odd members on the old forums the migration to the new one has begun, but now I need to update the rest of the website because it no longer matches the forums !!!!.

This is a massive undertaking and could take a while as I have to build a style sheet to match the forums then create a htm template for all the site pages, 100's of them !!!

Anyone out there that can build a css quickly from a phpbb template let me know could save me some time.

Angeleyes has agreed to keep doing readings for here for the time being but little else will be posted unless I get the time.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Real or Fake 1

Yet another new thread of topics during my many searches on the net and in real life, I have come across many pictures of so called 'ghosts' so I have decided to post some here over time under the title real or fake.

I can normally tell which are which but at this point if I say to much will give away the clues, so here's the first one.........real or fake?

Here is a famous example taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk. Some say it shows a ghost, others that it is a trick of the light or even a fake.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Card of the Week 8

Watch for a miracle. Coincidences are divinely inspired moments
designed to remind us that a higher power is guiding our lives.

You are a person who loves the out doors. At one with nature.
You like walking through the woods were you find great peace and tranquillity.

I feel there has been some kind of a blockage in your path. Some thing that has slowed you down and that has prevented you getting on with your life.
You have so many ideas but are unable to put them in to action. You are being held back.

You are someone who works with your hands and you use your hands to express yourself.
I am hearing the nursery rhyme, oranges and lemons, there is a significance to this song ( a connection ).
March is a vary important month for you. With birthdays and celebrations.

You are busy writing something at the moment which is important to you.
The name grace is important to you
And I feel a gentlemen’s watch is very important to you.
You suffer with back aches as well, just below waist level (lumbar reign). This is also causing you to slow down, blockage,
You are trying to hard to move on. Slow down. You are taking one steep forward and three back.
Meditate more and the answers will come. Stop trying to answer all the questions at once.
Take one at a time.
You are being shown the answers , but they have become so jumbled up, you have missed them.
Slow right down and as the card say’s, watch for a miracle.

You will know when you are being given the answer as coincidences will happen.
Keep your eyes wide open and be aware of what is going on around you.
Know you are being guided and helped by the angels.

Good luck
With love & light
Angeleyes xxx

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