Saturday, 29 September 2007

What is it like to be psychic? Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 then read that first, otherwise this will make little sense.

What is it like to be psychic? Part 2

So how does a psychic hit the switch? You may very well of seen psychics on TV or even at live events and many work differently, some close their eyes to switch on some don’t, I actually look straight in the eyes of a recipient and connect that way.

You computer does far more than you think and sometimes all it needs is enabling and you have a new programme or application you never thought you had, some applications require additional software to switch it on, and the psychic side of all of us is the same, it’s there, we just have to find our ‘switch’ or the added software to enable our switch, in my case, as I have said, I work with the eyes but work far easier using images such as cards.

There are many parts to the psychic side of all of us, many you can try at home, but not all psychic are good at all aspects, I’m terrible at psychometric detection, or psychometry, which is working out what a hidden object is in a box, although pictures in a sealed envelope I’m ok with, I can pick up on the energy of, say someone’s ring they wear and tell you about that person, I can also do house psychometry, that is pick up on the past energy in a house and what it looked like before and who lived or died there.

Psychometry is something you can try, get a friend to put an object in a box or in a bag and before you are given it, sit for a while and clear you mind, ask your friend to hand you the box and as you handle it give out your first impressions, don’t think about it, because as soon as you do, your mind gets in the way and you will get it wrong, just first impressions, then you will be more likely correct, or try a picture in a n envelope, don’t use really detailed one’s to start with, keep it simple, then you will surprised with the results.

Going with your first impressions is the main key to any psychic practice, and believing it, I have had many people say to me “it’s just my imagination” but look at it this way, your brain is also your operating system same as XP windows, your imagination is part of that system and acts a bit like a browser, it can retrieve stored data to your screen (memories) and it can show you web pages (communication from the outside world), it can download other programmes (learning new things) and it can help you write your blog page (conversation and recalling memories to others) where else would any stored data or communications come from? Your imagination is an important tool without it your brain can’t work on a human level, without you browser you computer is next to useless……….

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Thursday, 27 September 2007

What is it like to be psychic? Part 1

What is it like to be psychic?

Well before I can answer that question, first I should try to explain what psychic is….

Like a lot of words, the meanings get twisted and changed about by different people and different countries, everyone has there own idea what something is or what something means, so I think first we need to set the record straight.

I could look up the meaning in the wiki pages but all I end up doing is using someone else’s words, so here goes; psychic is nothing spooky, we all have the built in hardware and software to use our psychic ability, it’s similar to our intuitive level, slightly more tuned but the same, we all use our intuition every day women more so than men, that’s because the female intuition is better tuned than the male counter part.

Intuition is where you use that gut feeling to act upon something, either that you ‘know’ is right or that you ‘know’ to be wrong, we’ve all used it or even acted against it and regretted it afterwards, many psychics work on what is known as a clairsentient level, that is ‘to feel or sense’ again intuitively, I work on what is known as a clairvoyant level, that is ‘to see’, in other words I get images, symbols and pictures in my head, so for instance I could look at someone and ‘see’ a blue stone set ring, that could mean a few things and this is where the hard bit comes in is the interpretation of what you get, it could mean they have just been given or bought a ring like that, it could mean they have lost a ring like that or it could mean none of the above and they have just painted their front room blue, so now I hear you asking, where do the images come from, ok this is a tricky one because no one really knows (although they may say they do) but my understanding of it is this; some years back (about 20 years in fact) I used to record a lot of music on cassette tapes (you remember those) and up to a few years back still had them, when I played them back after many years the data on them had faded and the music was not very clear.

You record everything you do and what you think, say or even dream, you record it into your electro magnetic field better known as your aura, it’s all there from birth, although the older memories and thoughts and feelings are harder to pick up on as the energy holding them fades although always there, a bit like the cassette tapes.

What a psychic does in act as the tape player and plugs in to those energy signals, which is why the more recent ones normally come out in psychic readings and intuitive card readings, to get deeper requires time and can even be done at a distance without knowing a thing about the person, you may of heard of something called retentive energies on so called TV programmes dealing with the subject of hauntings or mediums, this is actually true, buildings have an electro magnetic field as does every other living and material thing in existence, so even the house you live in retains some of your emotions, be it love or anger................

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Sunday, 23 September 2007

New Home Coming

Well after much heart searching and deliberation, I have decided to move this blog, so in the near future Scruffyhippo's Blog will be on Wordpress with a new look.

Since I re-done the main website I really wanted to have the blog looking the same but with blogger that's impossible and I am now learning how to create a wordpress theme from scratch.

It should be no big deal as I have learnt my basic php coding on phpbb forums and created the website theme based on the forums, the pictures below will give you an idea what the blog will look like once it's all done, a cleaner and brighter look.

This is the current Home page

This is the forums theme

In the mean time I will still be posting here so keep an eye out for more unique articles

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Past times

I have seen hundreds of so called spirit pictures, most of them are no more than dust or mist or even totally planned fakes, many I have been sent which at the first look can be explained.

The one below I took myself several years ago and when it was taken there was nothing there.

Now I'm not going to say what I see or what anybody else has seen in this picture, that's for you to decide, if I give you an idea then you may see what I have suggested, so what do you see?

If this picture is hard to make out try the full size one on This Link

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Heartfelt words

I started to do the post I wanted here for tonight and I sort of got carried away and have been writing for 2 hours and still not finished it, so I may save it for the weekend :)

So instead browsing through my word files to see what I could use, I came across the words I wrote for my wedding, adapted from something I found years ago, now I know the groom doesn't normally do a speech other than the usual thankyou's etc but I did, and the following was aimed squarely at my new bride.


Before we met, you and I were halves unjoined except in the wide rivers of our minds.

We were each other's distant shore, the opposite wings of a bird, the other half of a seashell.

We did not know the other then, did not know our determination to keep alive the cry of one riverbank to the other.

We were apart, yet connected in our ignorance of each other, like two apples sharing a common tree.

I knew you existed long before you understood my desire to join my freedom to yours.

Our paths collided long enough for our indecision to be swallowed up by the greater need of love.

When you came to me, the sun surged towards the earth and moon escaped from darkness to bless the union of two spirits, so alike that the creator had designed them for life's endless circle.

Beloved partner, keeper of my heart's odd secrets, clothed in summer blossoms so the icy hand of winter never touches us.

I thank your patience.

Our joining is like a tree to earth, a cloud to sky and even more.

We are the reason the world can laugh on its battlefields and rise from the ashes of its selfishness to hear me say,
in this time,
in this place,
in this way - I love you.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

You may need a new psychic if.....


* He keeps shaking his black crystal ball and says, "try again later."

* Looks suspiciously like that guy who fixed your car last week.

* His idea of an "out of body experience" involves whipped cream and women's clothing.

* His spoon bending requires two pairs of pliers.

* Sign in window: "Enter at your own risk”

* During card-reading, asks if you want to "stick" or "twist."

* Insists that your astrological sign is "The Armadillo."

* Psychics Magazine rates her just below fortune cookies, just above your mum.

* Shakes her crystal ball, then predicts a large snowstorm.

Yes I know some of them are old one's but they still make me smile

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Monday, 17 September 2007

Simply tarot.

Tarot Review
Simply Tarot by Amanda Hall

This is the first of many card reviews I have planned over time, and this one has been chosen first as it one we bought for the workshops.

I first saw this one a few weeks back being used by one of our students in a tarot workshop and at first thought it was a really colourful version of the rider waite deck, well in fact in a way it is, but that said felt it was something we should have as a workshop set.

I checked the internet shops, Amazon and a few other places with no luck so gave up on the idea not knowing the pack details, then out of the blue on of our centres members found some on Ebay of all places, in fact the seller said they could get more than one set.

So he ordered me some too, the arrived at the centre Thurday night packed in a box with a book and a DVD.

After unpacking the cards and looking though them, the thing that struck me the most was how similar they were to the rider waite cards, but far better, the images were more like pictures and photo's than drawings with far more colour and detail.

As a tarot student from years back I started with rider waite but after my initial learning I changed to the Aquarian Tarot and have used them ever since, these on the other hand if they had been around 25 years ago, I could of happily used them.

For a beginner with tarot, you couldn't go far wrong with this set, the book is simple and explains each card without going into great detail, the trouble with many books when you are just starting out is far to much information to absorb at once.

The down side is the spreads in this book seem somewhat daunting for a first time student as Amanda has used far more cards than strictly needed for a basic spread, although I can see why, the more cards you have the more information you can give out in your reading.
The spread below is taken from the book showing a 26 card celtic cross (I use 10) so the detail is greater for a first timer with a layout such as this

If you do try out this set, before you watch the DVD, read the book cover to cover and get used to the cards, the DVD is very fast paced and, to be honest if I was a beginner would of lost the plot quite early on, I do think the dvd could of been at a slower pace making it a far better and useful learning tool, everything on the dvd is in the book away so at least if you have read the book the film will just back up what you have learnt already.

Amanda Hall's Website

The publisher is Hinkler Books, ISBN Number 1-7415-7535-4 published in 2005

Amanda Hall is a clairvoyant from Australia and has been teaching tarot herself since the early eighties, and although I don't agree with all her meanings on the cards the set is a good starting point to the world of tarot.

Friday, 14 September 2007

A quick quiz

Ok you have seen me do these before so I have a new one for you.

Are you from the 98% of the population or the remaining 2% follow our quiz to find out

(You may want to write this down)

Think of a number between 1 and 10?

Multiply that number by 9.

If the number is a two digit number, add the digits together.

Now subtract 5.

Determine which letter of the alphabet corresponds with the number you ended up with (example; 1=a 2=b 3=c etc)

Think of a country thats starts with that letter?

Remember the LAST letter of that countries name and think of an animal that starts with the last letter of the country you picked.

Remember the LAST letter of that animals name.

Think of a fruit that starts with that letter.........

OK you got your list?.... If you have click on the answer link below, if not do the list first, you will be surprised by the answer

Answer link

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Monday, 10 September 2007

Awards Day

Since the beginning of last week, I have deliberated over these awards, it was a hard choice who should benefit from these awards as there are so many blogs out there.

I decided to look at one's that I use or read and have useful content as well as well presented with owners that are committed to doing their best for their blog, the other criteria I set was for blogs with no previous awards that I could see of, why? because when I got them, I was not only honoured to receive them but also, as said elsewhere, it gave me a re-newed sense of what I was doing was worthwhile.

So without further ado, in no particular order, first the Guys.

There are loads of blogs I could of given this award but had to narrow it down to two, therefore the 'Awesome Guy Blogger' award goes to Martin Reed of this blog is one I visit and comment on regularly, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to blogs and forums, and how to build a community, alot of his posts I have put into practice and follow his instruction frequently.

The second one goes to Dane Morgan of his blog is mainly to do with Wordpress, which I use on my other blogs, again I follow this and have learnt so much.

Well done Guys and keep up the good work.

Next it's the girls turn, now this was even harder, I tried to narrow it down to two but it just wasn't going to happen, so we have three.

Firstly we have the lovely Roswilla aka Patricia Kelly of, who runs what I consider one of the most enlightening and informative tarot blogs there is, she also runs two others ( the links are on the one listed here.

Next comes two relatively new ones but again the posts I have been reading shows great things to come, they are Karen W's and Julia Stonestreet Smith with her both different, both promise to be blogs I will be following.

Well done Girls, hope this is the start of many awards :)

And lastly the special 'Nice Matters' award, I felt that at this time I could only award this once, although no doubt in the future there may be another round of awards to give out :)

This goes to Pat and Daniel at , Pat & Daniel run live workshops as well as four blogs, a very busy group, I will be meeting Pat soon as we will asking them to run a workshop for our centre later this year.

Well done Pat, and may the light always be with you :)

For those named in this post please copy your award image and display on your blog with pride :)

What some of the award winners have said;.......

leoninetimes First Award

Karens First award

Blog Strokes First Award.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Should I stay or should I go?

I have been asked many times can the spiritual journey be a shared thing? And the easy answer to this is yes, but that’s exactly what many people do, this doesn’t always mean you would share it with a partner, as many people share with their own group of friends in a development circle or workshop or at a spiritual centre.

But ultimately it can be and often is a lonely journey, your own path is just that, your own path.

Most groups of enlightened people are also very solitary people, what they experience it very rarely shared.

Even in groups we can only teach the basics and given you an insight into how it works with different people, but the eventual discovery is yours alone.

I am going to pose a question and bearing in mind the implications and the ultimate experience that you would go though before you answer.

I am one that would give up many things for the ultimate experience but where do you set the limits.

Ok here goes;

One night while walking home in the dusk light you hear a noise from across the fields, you walk off into that direction and the trees are lit with a pinkish tinge, as you walk closer you are aware of something pulsing in the trees.

Your intrigued, and want to find out more.

There in the clearing just beyond the trees is a large craft not of this world, you have no fear but only interest and still you walk closer.

A figure reveals himself (you assume it’s a he) and offers out his hand, with this you offer yours………

After a while you are joined by two more and with little effort speak the same language as you, they tell you they have come from across the galaxy from a planet that has two suns and has everything they ever need.

You are offered the chance to go with them and discover untold places in a far off galaxy, the ultimate experience…..

But there are two things, firstly you would have to go now as they need to leave the earths atmosphere, and two they can’t bring you back.

What would you do? Stay or go !................

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

How to make someone feel worthy

You may of noticed that in the last week this blog has received two awards, they have been proudly pinned up on the right >>>>>
I must admit I was totally shocked to get them as I never win anything, well, until now that is :)

It made everything I do here worthwhile and has given me a renewed passion to give more on this blog.

In light of those awards the rules seem to be that now I have been awarded them it falls to me to pass them on so I am actively looking for 4 bloggers, 2 guys to pass on the 'awesome guy blogger award' and 2 girls to pass on the ' rockin Girl blogger award' and that's not all I will be looking for one blogger that I can pass on the 'Nice Matters' award.

As if that wasn't enough work, I have updated an award we have been handing out for the last 3 years on the main website to include blog websites.

Now this is not handed out lightly, in fact in the last three years I have only awarded this 12 times, they are dated and coded so others cannot copy them and use them. (to see one in use go to our home page at ).

How do you get one? you can't, but you can be nominated, or you can nominate your favourite website or weblog.

Only one each month will ever be awarded.

To see more on this very special award
Click Here to view page

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The fab four meme

I was recently tagged by Purple Lady , who writes a blog called purpleladycentre with something called a "Fab Four Meme". Basically it means I write four things that are about myself in various different categories, so here it is.

4: Things about me you wouldn’t know;

I have just married for the third time ( 4th of August actually).

I have lived in 4 different counties in the UK, London, Kent, Cornwall and Essex.

I don’t know what I look like without a beard.

I am allergic to cats

4 Favourite films in my collection;

Matrix (all three)

Lord of the rings



4 Television shows I watch:

Ghost Whisperer

Grand Designs


4 Favorite Foods:

Pizza with pepperoni

Peanut butter and banana sandwich

Galaxy chocolate

Roast dinners

4; Things I do first when I log on

Check E-mails

Check my website forums

Check Blogcatalog

Check in here

4 Things I would never do;

Have a tattoo

Hurt someone else

Eat frogs or snails

Lie about my age 

4 Favorite colours;

Royal Blue


Dark greens


4 Great Bloggers that I am tagging with the Fab Four Meme, well I’m not but what I am going to do is award four blogs with the ‘awesome guy award’ in the next 4 days so stay tuned.

Monday, 3 September 2007

What does 'I know' mean?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading again recently, not on the internet I may add but reading books, the last few weekends I have been paying a visit to the local boot sales as they are known here, you know people sale all their old toot for a few pennies and I have been buying up books.

Not that I really need anymore, my book collection would challenge the local book shop for shear numbers, ok it’s not quite that bad, but you get my drift, it amazes me what people sell, for next to nothing, last week I bought a computer programme that runs a full astrology chart you can print off complete with book in it’s box for £1.00… miserly pound, it’s works too, anyway I’m rambling a bit so back to the reading.

I tend to absorb a lot of information from different sources and after recently visiting blogs such as Bob Johnson’s site (see link in sidebar) and his recent post about the sun, has got me thinking about this tiny planet we call home, as well as reading books on history, myths and many un-related topics inspired this post tonight.

Sometimes I get frustrated that I know very little if anything, especially with so much still to learn, so what is it we actually know?, most we have learnt from either out schooling or from books or even from having a passion on a particular subject, but mostly it’s someone else’s opinion or someone else’s ideas, how much of it do we question?

Much of what we assume we know comes from way back as I found out reading some old books last night, and how we think things are new ideas or new ways of thinking such as the so called lost lands of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Lemuria in particular in the last few years has seen this place gain more interest and websites than ever before, but a book I picked up last night blew open where this name came from, not from some channelling of a higher spirit from a place of that name or from long lost crystals only recently found in Peru ( by recent I mean the last 10 years or so) also reported to be from the people of Lemeria, but from a reference to an article back in 1880 on Atlantis, and it seems at the time while searching for the fabled Atlantis, reports of another large landmass surfaced, which has been inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which sought to explain, among other things, why certain species of plants and animals are located where they are. Noting that Lemurs (small predecessors of the monkey) were abundant in this area of interest, An English zoologist Philip Sclater, called this lost land Lemuria (after the Lemurs).

Ok you could say it had to be called something, that’s true for ease of reference it should, but it’s all the stuff that has come up recently that, in my eyes is called into question, but what do I know?

Charles Darwin’s theory is only one theory, that we come from fish! Or could it be we really did come from Adam and Eve?

I remember reading something back in the 70’s about the human race coming from other planets, and this planet was once like a prison colony, so if you were a intergalactic thug you were stuck here, out in the middle of nowhere!....interesting theory, it went on to say (really straining the brain to remember that far back) it would explain all the different races on this planet, I’ve been told many times, I must be from another planet, I wonder how close to the truth they are.

But what do I know?

Personally I go with what feels right for me at the time, I am open minded and willing to change my mind or point of view if something comes along that ‘feels’ or fits better, then always review what I think, being stayed or narrow minded in one’s belief or way of thinking is too limiting, freedom of thought should always be maintained.

So what do I know?...I know that your own opinion and thoughts on any subject is worth far more than anything else, what YOU think IS important.

Six months ago today on Wednesday January 3rd, I started this blog, so by way of a celebration I have dug out my First Post for you

Sunday, 2 September 2007

What's in the box?

I did a post a few days ago called Finding your true path Today I will give an insight into what this question meant and hopefully give a few of you a look at who you are.

Whichever way you look at this question and whatever answer you have given isn’t wrong, there is no wrong answer, what the question gives you is an insight into your own spiritual path, lets remind ourselves of the question; If you are given two boxes and asked to choose either one, which should you pick?…… they are both the same size and colour and look identical……. So you pick one….. you open the box and find it contains some money, do you think wow that’s great and go off happy or do you wonder what was in the other box?

The money could well be symbolic of whatever you value most in life or whatever you aspire to, the question could well be put many other ways such as; if you had one wish what would it be? The first thing that would run through your mind is all things you have ever wanted to do, all the things that you would of liked but could never afford, it would be a hard decision.

Ok so you have picked a box, are you happy with your choice? Or do you wonder what the other box contained?

Lets see what some of the readers said;

(The answers below are based on the way you answered)

Anna Lozyk Romeo said…
Peter, thanks for this very educational post. Most of the time I answer something else, but I will try to be the first one. I just take the money and be happy. I think and I hope money is just representation. Sometimes its better to take what you got and make best of it. Suppose the second box had more money, then what, I will be asking myself why I did not choose the second -...Anna :)

Anna, you are right but not knowing what’s in the second box doesn’t seem to bother you too much, this in itself makes you a happy person and content with what you do have and receive, anything else is a bonus.

me said...
If I am given the two boxes and specifically asked to choose one, I will pick one and stay happy with it. I would think about the second box but for a moment because I am human.

Me, your answer is similar to Anna’s but also honest enough to admit to your own shortcomings and a sign of not only being human but also realistic.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...
I would do both. Take the money and while I'm spending some and saving some, wonder what was in the other box.

Nature Nut, you have given an honest answer too, you admit you would wonder about the other box, but then you question things in life too, that’s no bad thing, I do the same, although you would be happy with the contents of the box you have chosen, your inquisitiveness would get the better of you, I to can be that way, I always strive to be better and am my own worst critic.

Two Feathers said...
I would spend the rest of my life wondering what was in that other box. I might even spend all of my money getting a hold of that other box so that I could see what was in it.

Partly, I suppose, because I would wonder if there was something even better that I had missed out on, and partly out of curiosity... was it a rock? was it a dead man's hand? was it a ring? was it THE ring? was it diamonds? was it a frog? was it cobwebs? was it happiness?

Two Feathers, You made me smile, that’s shows you really are looking for the answers to everything, and why not? Only by questioning everything may we get a glance of what it’s all about.

GO! Smell the flowers said...
We would try our best to be in the moment and accept what was in the box for to compare and wonder about the other box would lead to resentment or jealousy.
Take what comes. Right?

Flowers, yes right, but as I have said there are no wrong answers, but again this shows you are a content person you are and in many ways excepts your place on this earth and what you can do in return, you ask for very little and in return get abundance.

Marisa said...
I'd swap the box for the other one. It isn't that I'd be dissatisfied with whatever is in the one I got, but rather that the curiosity of not knowing what was in the other box would haunt me forever.

Marisa, you are a bit like Two Feathers, although in this case only you would give up what you have for something else, even though you may lose out you are prepared to go forward and discover the truth, good move, but although it may lose you what you have, you have gained the knowledge you may otherwise not had.

Life is full of choices, but is that choice always the right one to make? it's hard to say until it's been done, but remember one thing we have to make that choice to move on forward in life and if it's wrong, we learn by it.

Thankyou to all the above readers for their participation in this post :)

What's that?...what's in the other box? you really want to know?

Ok Click Here