Friday, 20 April 2012

What is wrong with healing?

Years ago when I first got involved with healing training it was all quite new, relatively speaking, although healing in some forms goes back to the beginning of time.

This article has really been inspired by many conversations over many months and being involved with many websites and social networks online, what worries me is the number of healers is rising and the number of people requiring healing remains similar to that of a few years ago, so is everybody more healthy?

There are a lot of new people out there that although like the idea of receiving healing but have never done so, my research reveals there are a couple of main reasons for this, firstly healing is quite a personal modality and many people are initially worried about what might happen or say they don’t know anyone that does it, secondly they don’t feel that their health is bad enough to justify worrying a healer with it, after all, you don’t go to a doctor when you feel fine.

Both of the above points although valid are so far removed as to what healing is about that people avoid healing on a large scale.

Ok, let’s look at these points first.

Those that worry about what might happen are usually those that have never been to a healing session or believe it to be a religious practice of some sort so avoid the idea, some have thought about it and mentioned it to friends who convince them it’s a waste of time therefore they also believe it to be a waste of time rather than find out more.

Out of dozens of people I have spoken to that have had some form of healing, most have not even been aware of anything during the session other than a sense of calm and peace, some even fall asleep they are so relaxed.

As for knowing a healer, many spiritual centres have healing nights all over the UK and across the world no doubt but again people feel that turning up to one of these is scary and unfamiliar, most centres do have other events and evenings what you can attend and get to know the people there first and meet the healers and as with all things in life once you know someone you feel far more comfortable in that place or with that person, most healing is free and all they ask is a donation.

There are many forms of healing now so there is something to suit everybody, my own belief is you don’t need to believe in anything to receive healing, in fact, you don’t even need to believe it will work, it still will.

The second point above is people feeling they are not ill enough to go to a healer, this, I think is one of the biggest misconceptions of what healing is all about.

Feeling ill whether it’s just aches and pains of something more is the outcome of something else being wrong and is our bodies alarms bells saying something is up, pain is also a warning from the body that something is wrong.

Healing works on many levels and can stop many things even occurring by healing on other levels, and can even lessen effects of things that may occur in the future, so I don’t believe you should just be visiting a healer when your ill but should be doing so regularly anyway, below are some examples of my experiences with healing.

The following is either my personal experiences or feedback from clients I have treated.

My own Reiki training started in 2006, so by no means am I as experienced as some but one thing I was taught was self healing is part of what one must do, this said I still enjoy someone else doing it for me and have many types of healing practiced on me.

Back in 2007 I had a heart attack and although this was confirmed by the hospital I thought it was no more than ingestion, and had to be talked into going to the hospital in the first place, I was in and out in a week and had more reaction to the tablets they gave me than the whole incident put together, I did actually stop taking them and improved quickly after, I don’t of course condone this action for anybody else but it worked for me, and to this day have never looked back.

I have noticed that cuts, bruises and grazes heal faster than they used to even though I get older, I’m used to these types of small injuries at it goes with the physical job I do.

A few years ago when my daughter was younger she fell off of a swing and grazed her side, I of course took her to one side and did Reiki on her, the pain subsided and she stopped crying, 15 minutes later she was back playing, the following morning I asked to check the graze and to my amazement it had gone, now both me and my older son saw the graze the day before and both looked at each other quite shocked, I even checked the other side in case I got it wrong, now don’t ask me what happened because I don’t know, all I do know is it was gone.

Another account from a friend that sticks in my mind was a women in her early forties, had healing for aches and pains, nothing major but was making her feel uncomfortable.

I do tend to notice how much energy is being sent to each individual whether it’s a trickle or more and in this case it seemed to be more than I would of expected for a few aches and pains, so I did the right thing of saying I felt a visit to a doctor just for a quick check over to see if anything else was causing the aches and pains and left it at that, two days later she called me and confided in me interesting outcome.

She told me that for years she had been having a regular monthly injection as a contraceptive, I’m not sure what it is but one effect of it is it stop the female monthly cycle completely, she told me the following morning after healing that for the first time in 15 years she started her monthly cycle again and was taken by surprise, what this tells me is healing can work on many levels and even explains the extra energy I was aware of that night, stopping the monthly cycle is not natural and although we have the ability to stop it, healing somehow has the ability to correct it, ok it was a downside to the healing in this case, but is doesn’t stop her from coming for healing but now tends to make the session just before the injection is due.

I believe everybody should receive healing on a regular basis and if this was the case we would see a big improvement in the nation as a whole, so my task here is to ask all healers to promote yourselves more, make more people aware what you do, to people that have had healing make it a regular event for yourself, and to those that have never had healing, find somewhere or someone to work with, your will never regret the move to do so.