Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Birthstones for Febuary

AQUARIUS 21st January to 19th February

PISCES 22th February to 20th March


The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst held many powers, among them protection against intoxication. In fact, the word Amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethystos," meaning sober. In ancient Greece, the gemstone was associated with the god of wine, and it was common practice to serve this beverage from Amethyst goblets in the belief that this would prevent over indulgence. Even today, Amethyst is considered a stabilizing force for those struggling to overcome addictive behaviours.

Amethyst is also symbolic of spirituality, and has been used to ornament churches and crosses used in religious ceremony. Amethyst has also been worn in rings and on rosaries by bishops and priests.

It is one of the most effective stones to use for meditation, because its calming attributes relax the mind so that it can release its attachment to the daily concerns of life and slip into a more expansive reality. If you'd like to meditate with this stone, place it on your forehead between your eyes.

Whatever else you may believe about amethyst, there is no doubt that the purple stone is one of the most beautiful gemstones in existence. If the amethyst is your birthstone, you are indeed lucky and blessed.

AMETHYST Relates To:

Planet - Saturn


Birthstone - February, also November and December

Other stones for February are TURQUOISE For more on stones and Gems see Crystals or Astrology

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Psychic Poll

More than half of people would turn to therapists such as healers rather than endure long NHS waiting lists, according to a new poll.

And more than two thirds (67%) believe in the psychic powers of mediums and clairvoyants, 54% in ghosts, and 41% in an intelligent life on another planet, the poll found.

Seven out of 10 people questioned could name a paranormal expert, compared with one in 10 who could name a nationally acclaimed doctor.

Regionally, 72% of those in Scotland said they would turn to an alternative therapist to get better, followed by 66% of those in Wales and 45% of Londoners.

When people were asked what mystery of life they would like the answer to, 40% said they would like to know if there is life after death.

One in five (22%) wanted to know if there was life on another planet while 15% would like to find out if there is a God.

Just over a third (36%) of the 3,000 people questioned said they already believed in God.
The ITV2 survey was carried out to mark the return of the show Haunted Homes, which broadcasts on Friday at 10.30pm.

Mia Dolan, a psychic on Haunted Homes, said: "People are no longer embarrassed to see psychics or healers.

"These ancient arts are returning to the forefront of society and, combined with the constant press on the state of the NHS and an increase in the belief of these arts, it's no wonder people are looking elsewhere for healing."

The New Stonehenge

Neolithic site found near England's Stonehenge.

Evidence of a large settlement full of houses dating back to 2,600 BC has been discovered near the ancient stone monument of Stonehenge in southwest England, scientists said on Tuesday.
They suspect inhabitants of the houses, forming the largest Neolithic village ever found in Britain, built the stone circle at Stonehenge -- generally thought to have been a temple, burial ground or an astronomy site -- between 3,000 and 1,600 BC .

The houses measured about 16 feet (5 metres) square and were located in a small valley north of Stonehenge that leads down to the River Avon. They are on either side of an avenue that leads from the river to a wooden version of Stonehenge. More >>

Monday, 29 January 2007

Friday, 26 January 2007

Relevance of Colour, Part 2

In the physical plane colour is the result of light hitting an object. the colour we see is the frequency of light that is reflected off an object as light strikes it.
Colours that we are able to see form the visible spectrum.
The easiest way to become aware of the full spectrum in pure coloured light is to take an old cd (aol cds work well) and hold it in light while watching the play of rainbow colour across it,
rainbows are of course a full spectrum and have the range of secondary and tertiary colours as well as the primary colours.

Colours react with each other either by harmonizing or contrasting with each other.

The colour wheel is a valuable tool for understanding colour. A colour wheel is an image of the spectrum bent into a circle.

The colours adjacent to each other on the colour wheel form a related harmonious sequence.

*******Colour Wheel*******

When you are mixing colours of paint or pigments, The Primary colours are Red, Yellow and Blue.
Red and yellow make orange as seen on the colour wheel. When you are working with light or modern Printer's inks the Primary colours are magenta, cyan and blue.

Your computer screen is coloured by light rather than with pigment and the green (as a visible primary) may be a much lighter yellow green than the emerald or grass green hue often used as the secondary colour in pigment-based colour charts.

Primary means that in theory you can mix all other colours from them though it is not as simple as it sounds because pure red, blue, and yellow do not exist in pigments. You cannot mix the primary colours from any other colours. orange, green and violet are secondary colours and are made by mixing equal parts of two primary colours. yellow and blue make green, blue and red make violet, red and yellow make orange.

The tertiary colours are mixed from equal parts of a primary and the secondary colour next to it on the colour wheel. yellow- green, blue- green, blue- violet, red- violet , red- orange, yellow -orange, are the tertiary colours.

White things reflect all frequencies of light, black things absorb all frequencies of light.

Until next time may your day be colourful

Thought for today - Emotions

Thought for today

Many of us believe that we need to keep a tight lid on our emotions. We fear that if we ever allow these emotions to be expressed, they will do serious damage.

But if we summon up the courage to truly feel our emotions, we discover that they don't last. The monster in the closet turns out to be a pussycat. In fact, if we are willing to experience our emotions completely, without resistance of any kind, they burn themselves out in only a few minutes.

The only thing that keeps emotions alive within you over long periods is your unwillingness to acknowledge them.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

RSS Images

Ever wondered where all those posh feed link images come from? well I found them :) just like my new feed link Below.

To make your own and add to your blog or website feed Click Here Happy Creating.

Weather Lore

Well this morning brought the first of the snow, I awoke to a smattering of the white stuff. (this was taken from my back door)

So thought it an opportune time to do a bit on weather lore.

Weather lore is almost as old as the human race, and as extensive. Where rules and sayings apply to weather in the longer term, beyond the next few days, then experience and logic suggest that they are at best a prediction. Weather lore seems to persist among many (as many old sayings do). The following present some of the best known.

Long foretold, long last; short notice, soon past

Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning; red sky at night, shepherd's delight

Rain before seven, fine before eleven

Ice in November to bear a duck, the rest of the winter'll be slush and muck

Evening red and morning grey, two sure signs of one fine day

Turkeys perched on trees and refusing to descend indicate snow

A northern air, brings weather fair. The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow

Always a calm before a storm

Positive Pause

Another interesting video link, this one has been around awhile but many people tell me they haven't seen it yet, so will post it here today as my regular 'Thought for today'

Oh and if anybody knows how these are made let me know I would love to do some of my own (my guess is it's done with powerpoint)

Positive Pause

Life continually evolves. We’re always moving into new experiences, new possibilities. This constant change unsettles the personality, which finds security in stability. But with life always in flux, that security is an illusion. We experience pain by trying to hold on to things that are not solid

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Tarot Site

Want to know more about tarot cards then check out a lovely lady in New York runs this site and full of information and wonderful insights, feel free to add comments to her posts she loves to hear from anyone that love tarot cards.

Highly Recommended * * * * *

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Thought for Today

Chance, necessity, and opportunity shape our universe—a world of chemicals so fertile it made the emergence of life inevitable.
The random encounters of atoms, the birth and death of stars, and the formation of galaxies establish the scientific underpinnings of our ultimate origins.
Understanding this foundation, one that dates back billions of years, can yield new insights into the complexity of nature while enriching our faith in creation.

by George V. Coyne, S.J.

Each year, ninety-eight percent of the atoms in my body are replaced.

Every time I breathe, I inhale billions and billions of atoms, recycled during the past few weeks by the rest of the world’s breathing organisms.

Living things are constantly exchanging the fundamental building blocks of life, giving to and taking from the total reservoir; all is refreshed, regenerated from the available energy and matter in the universe.

My skin is renewed each month, my liver every six weeks.
All of the elements needed to make everything from human hair to toe nails ultimately come from the stars!

Friday, 19 January 2007

Relevance of Colour, Part 1

Any decorator or designer will tell you how important colour is in our lives... the colours around us can change our moods, make us more or less active, productive, amorous, glamorous.... Why? Because science will tell you that each colour is associated with a specific vibrational frequency.
In fact, each colour can be associated with a musical note! When there is a predominance of one or two colours in our environment, that vibrational frequency - and the characteristics or qualities associated with that frequency - will tend to influence the activities conducted in that environment - and the attitude of those in it, and even around it.

Changing the colour in a room, through paint, lighting or accessories will have a direct and profound affect on everything in the room - and everything that goes on there. The same applies to web site design, the choice of colours for your business or institution, and even the colours you choose to wear.

Try wearing a bright red, green or pink on the days that you are feeling down. Wear browns, greens, oranges and any of the earth tones when you want folks to feel comfortable around you. Wear blues - and especially turquoise, and bright sunny yellows when you want to stimulate some good ideas. Add red if you want folks to take action on these ideas!

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Spam E-mails

Did you know, that one way the spammers get your e-mail address is send out 'e-mail bots'.

These are a bit like google bots that search your website or blog for updates but instead they are looking for e-mail addresses, I found this out a few weeks ago after still getting loads of junk and spam e-mails, on 3 of my e-mails, because I changed most of mine to a contact page ( see Contact Scruffyhippo in the side bar) I thought it would all stop, but it doesn't they sell on your address to many others.

As a result of that I have now changed my e-mail address and re-directed my contact page to that, guess what no unwanted e-mails now for 2 weeks.

The idea behind the contact page means no one has your E-Mail address (they use encrypted addresses), the one I use is hosted free, although you can do your own.

If you have your e-mail address on your webpage or blog you can bet the spammers will be on it within weeks

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Moon Signs

The Moon is the most important 'planet' in relationships.
The Moon represents deep security needs, and it is difficult to be with with someone who does not offer us what our Moon needs. The element of one's Moon sign and house are elements that one's partner must have in a significant way if we are to be compatible with them.
If one's partner is not strongly made up of the same element of one's Moon sign and/or house, then strong harmonious aspects between one's Moon and the partner's chart could also create a harmonious Moon connection.
Positive Moon compatibility will show two people who feel "at home" with one another, and instinctively care for one another. It's like being family.
That's why it's the most important planet in synastry. If you want to spend the rest of your life sleeping in the same bed as someone else, you obviously need to feel like family to one another. In particular, since the Moon is feminine, the Moon shows what a man needs in a woman. But the Moon definitely shows very vital needs for women, as well.

When the Moon is in a certain sign of the zodiac, then the characteristics of that sign will colour the moon's expression. If you don't know what your moon sign is and would like to find out, just send us an e-mail with your time, date and place of birth and we will send you your moon sign
To give an example, although my Sun Sign is Cancer, my Moon Sign is Virgo

Moon Sign Page

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Looking for safety

Thought for Today

Our personality likes to be in control. It likes to know how things are and what’s going to happen. Underlying this desire for stability and predictability is a deep fear that the world is a dangerous place.
The personality fears it will not survive without continually being on guard.
The truth is: we cannot control what happens in life. And under the natural law of attraction, we tend to attract to us what we focus on.
EXPLORE SUBSTITUTING TRUST FOR FEAR and the world becomes a gentler, happier place.

"One thing we can do is make the choice to view the world in a healthy way. We can choose to see the world as safe with only moments of danger rather than seeing the world as dangerous with only moments of safety."
-- Deepak Chopra

The Amnesia club

I have decided there should be a club called the amnesia club, for all those people that forget names of people they have know for ages, for those people that can't remember that actor in the film they saw a few weeks ago, "you know? wotsits name in thingamyjig"..... well if there was such a club I guess I would be at the top of the list for forgetting things, I call them senior moments, words you have been typing for years then one night you just can't get it right.

The trouble is it gets worse as you get older, my eyes now need glasses........ last night I had a lovely shower only to be told by my partner this morning I had used hair conditioner instead of shower gel, ok no ones perfect ( wondered why my arm pit hair felt good) won't say what else did :)

It just about beats throwing the tea bag in the sink instead of the bin (and throwing the cold tea in the bin at the same time, instead of the sink, or putting the tea back in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard) we all have them I suppose!!

Ok what daft things have you done, can't be worse ( or can it!!!)

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Never saw that Coming

Jokingly, on many occasions, I have had people say to me that because I’m a psychic that I must see everything that is going to happen, well, no I wish I could….

I haven’t posted much the last few days because if you have read my previous posts you will know I started to give up smoking for what I considered a good reason, my partner was pregnant! Quiting the weed

Well Friday she went for her 12 week scan, as you can imagine an Ultra Scan is very exciting, to get to see the tiny baby growing there.

To cut a very long story short she IS pregnant, but…….. no baby!!! She has undergone all the normal tests and everything else is growing as normal but no embryo is there in the womb, pregnancy complications well as you can imagine not only her distress and disappointment but to a degree mine too, it feels a bit like the rug being ripped out from under your feet.

I have also started smoking again and feel I’m having less patience at the moment, getting stressed out with other drivers on the road and finding everything hard work, I must admit I didn’t see that coming …….. so to all those that say that I must see everything that’s going to happen for a joke….. it‘s not funny at the moment!!!!!

Although we have gone through many reasons why it's happened, the real reason is unknown, but there's always a reason, we just can't see it at the moment

The greatest power

There is a silent revolution going on within a seeming chaos of changes on Earth. One by one, people around the world are awakening to a force and power that is transforming the course of all humanity. An inner impulse is driving us forward and asking us to evolve beyond our current reality. This silent force promises to change forever the way we live on this planet. We, as a race of people, are becoming consciously aware of unconditional love.

This is a global event of such magnitude as to awaken each of us to a higher understanding. It is a reminder that we are ONE family. What happens to one, happens to all. It is no longer them out there; it is me and us right here. There is no us and them anymore. These events occurred because of our collective thoughts and feelings, not as an earthly cataclysm. Man’s inhumanity to man made it happen. We have to see ourselves this time. We cannot blame God or Mother Nature. It is our creation.

What I think and feel adds to the equation of this event. What I thought and felt yesterday, or the year before, or the moment before, adds to this collective consciousness. The same goes for you. We are all connected. We all contributed to its manifestation. Our collective fears, doubts, angers, envy, jealousy, hatred, greed, bigotry and limiting beliefs were placed on our screen of life for all to witness and observe.
Our individual and collective reaction speaks of our understanding and recognition of the true cause: Ourselves. The events witnessed were only the effect of an eternity of personal choices. Who among us has not and does not feel the rage at times deep within? Who among us has not acted upon that same rage? To witness the choices of a few is to realize the potential in us all.

We are all capable of destruction. We do it every day. Not in our actions alone—rather by our thoughts and feelings held within. These perspectives, opinions, and beliefs are the seed of form. These thoughts and feelings kill as surely as the action of the physical.
They are primal energy. Collected and suppressed over time, negative destructive thoughts and feelings become the murder and the terrorism, war, pollution, and disease, all acted out when the pressure becomes too great.
We can change. We are changing. We can alter our thoughts and feelings to something positive, constructive and loving. It is time to return to the wholeness of ourselves. We can alter our perception of reality of the past, present, and future by our individual choice.

This magnificent power has always been there, we have chosen to ignore it. For one reason or another, the path of unconditional love and the action of forgiveness have been cast aside as too difficult, unattainable or unworthy of our humanness. In the end and in the beginning, it is up to me to choose the higher path, the higher thought, and the higher feeling. No one can do it for me, nor can I do it for another.
This is a personal journey. All are called—few have chosen (in the past). It is time for strength and courage unlike anything seen before on this planet. It is silent, because it is our inner world. It is the realm of our thoughts and feelings deep within. It is the chatter that endlessly goes on in our mind and the feelings that reverberate throughout our body every moment. It is our personal power that no one can ever take away from us.

This is all about me. It is all about you. It is all about us. Which side do you wish to explore and become -- that which has been or that which you can become? It is a weak person who sits in judgment and condemns another’s action. It takes no courage to aim a gun and pull a trigger. It is ignorance that chooses war, for in truth, that which affects one, affects all.
There are those who would like to convince us of the chaos, decay, and impending doom of our planetary society. Through a constant barrage of images and suggestions, we are led to believe that negativity has its hold upon us. Through doubt and fear, we are expected to conform to the rituals, traditions, and prescribed formats of living.

These collective few wish to restrict our liberty and freedom. They are loud and seemingly everywhere present. These individuals, unconscious of themselves and life itself, have forgotten the power of unconditional love. You have the power of choice in every moment. The choice begins with your attention.
Not to the outer world; instead the power is held within the inner world of your thoughts and feelings. Pay attention inside for a moment. Become self-aware. Observe your inner world and notice which thoughts and feelings are yours and which are not. Contemplate peace and unconditional love. Feel what happens to you. Realize your individual power to direct your inner attention and therefore your outer action. Choose wisely and watch your world transform. Feel the power of forgiveness and use it for all of your past accumulated hurt, pain and suffering. Forgive it and let it go, it has served you well.
Expand this feeling of forgiveness and turn to your friends, relatives, co-workers, countrymen, and yes, your perceived enemies. Realize the reflection. Recognize the potential. Choose a higher path. Choose unconditional love. Bring light and love on earth this day in your heart and mind. As you choose for yourself, you add to the collective. You can change reality. You already have.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Think it Over

While I was waiting for the traffic to move off from the traffic lights I watched a little girl by the bus stop who saw a man drop part of his newspaper as he walked by. Instantly, she bounced to her feet, picked up the section, caught up with him and - without a word - handed the paper to him. The man thanked her graciously. She went back to her seat, grinned and put her head in her mother's lap. The mother patted her daughter and smiled approvingly.

Whatever happened to good manners?

Watching the child's thoughtfulness in action brightened my day, because sometimes we wonder whether somebody held a funeral for good manners and we didn't get an invitation.

Even when you do try to be nice these days people look at you as though you must have a motive for being nice!

It also reminded me of a website I found some time ago and have been trawling our website looking for it, well thankfully it's still there and thought I would post this as the 'Thought for day'

Think It Over

Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Each month I am going to focus on birthdays and the astrology signs the first part of January is of course Capricorn, If your birthday was from 1st Jan up to 20th Jan, this is for you.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd to Jan 20th)

January 2007

With the Sun in your sign this month, capricorn, you'll be feeling strong and in control.

Take advantage of intuitive hunches on January 2 that will help you in your work and career. The Full Moon in cancer, on January 3 may bring out feelings of insecurity and vulnerability.

Because of this, you may be open to explore new ideas and approaches later in the week, which you can then find a practical application for. This month is a great time to solve problems and to move beyond your usual way of dealing with them, pushing the envelope.

You have to be willing to face your fears in the process and challenge yourself. With Mars and the Moon in capricorn on January 16, you will shine by using your management and organizational skills. There will be an increased workload, but you will be able to meet demands.

A New Moon in capricorn on January 18 will usher in a phase of making a new start with your ambitions and plans. Take the time to figure out where you want to be in five years.

On January 23 and 24, you may encounter someone who is overly enthusiastic and who tends to be bossy. Listen to their ideas, but only agree to the most realistic ones.

They may want to force some changes, so make sure they don't go too far. At the end of the month, you may need a change but will be unsure of how to move forward and make progress.

Take a Break

Thought for today!

Strong work ethic? You can still justify taking a break. In fact, we NEED to take breaks -- regularly and frequently. Why? WE WORK MORE EFFECTIVELY WHEN WE DON'T WORK SO MUCH.

Rest periods and vacations break our work routines. They help SHIFT OUR THINKING from its habitual, stuck patterns. They create the SPACE FOR ENERGY AND CREATIVITY to flow. They give us TIME FOR REFLECTION, so we can step back and look at what's happening in our lives with greater detachment. We become more sensitive and aware.

And finally, we are stronger when we BALANCE DOING with BEING. All work and no play throws our life out of balance and endangers our health. Our bodies and minds need sufficient rest for recuperation. This is critically important with the level of stress in our lives these days.

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."
-- Sidney J. Harris

"I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently."
-- Ernest Hemingway

Monday, 8 January 2007

Quiting the Weed

One thing that I would really like to do is quit smoking, all the health scares have never really bothered me, and as usual I find myself sitting here with a cigarette going.

Many of the Reiki Masters I know smoke as do a lot of the mediums I know, Why is that?.....
I have thought about it many times, but thats just it all I do is think about it never act on it.

The last few days it has been on my mind again the main reason is my partner is a non-smoker, not that she has ever said anything about it, but things are changing, she is moving in....!

I have already limited my self to the computer room and out in the kitchen when she is here, but thats not all, she's pregnant !!

If ever I had a reason then this has got to be it, have just been surfing a few blogs ( as you do ) and found some interesting info posted on 2Dolphins via another website Healthbolt and I quote:

1/ In 20 minutes your blood pressure will drop back down to normal.

2/ In 8 hours the carbon monoxide (a toxic gas) levels in your blood stream will drop by half, and oxygen levels will return to normal.

3/ In 48 hours your chance of having a heart attack will have decreased. All nicotine will have left your body. Your sense of taste and smell will return to a normal level.

4/ In 72 hours your bronchial tubes will relax, and your energy levels will increase.

5/ In 2 weeks your circulation will increase, and it will continue to improve for the next 10 weeks.

6/ In three to nine months coughs, wheezing and breathing problems will dissipate as your lung capacity improves by 10%.

So in theory when I wake up in the morning I should already be at number 3 on the list !!!

Well here goes, .... my pledge. "From tomorrow morning I will NOT smoke another cigarette"

"GULP" Better use the reiki to help me!!!........... wish me luck folks

Birthstones for January

CAPRICORN 22nd December to 20th January

AQUARIUS 21st January to 19th February

Garnet symbolises fire, faith, courage, grace, honesty, compassion and fidelity.

Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. If your business is not as good as it should be, just put 3 or more garnets on your desk.

Garnets can be used to make a person popular and have self-esteem when worn as jewellery. It helps protect one on trips.

Garnets bring constancy to friendships, and it is believed that if a garnet is put under a pillow it will cure depression. It can also help increase the sex drive.
Garnet is also said to stimulate the bloodstream, combat depression and laziness. It is associated with the thyroid and the spleen, and helps cleanse and purify both when held over the area. The Garnet is usually held in the hand or placed on top of the head when searching or meditating on past lives. Information that is beneficial and helpful will usually be released for the searcher.

GARNET Relates To:

Planet - Mars


Chakra - First Chakra - Base of spine Chakras

Birthstone - January, also February, May and October

Energies - Luck, Money, Love and Healing
Other stones for January are RUBY For more on stones and Gems see Crystals or Astrology

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Grow your own!

When i was at school some of my favourite subjects was chemistry and physics, my son asked about crystals and how they form a few weeks back, so I said we could do a crystal growing experiment, have just found somewhere to buy copper sulfate which you can grow bright blue crystals with, I was told tonight online that you can get crystal growing kits here in the UK, if anyone has see any thing of that sort do let me know!

Will keep you informed of progress and take pics when they appear.

Silver or Gold?

This started out as a straight forward post about car colours but my mind started to go off at a tangent (as it does)and made me think a bit further on it so I will post here my thoughts first, it's interesting how my mind works sometimes but I will explain.

For years I said I didn't want a yellow or red car, the logic eludes me now but the point is I ended up with an orange one so had both.

This made me think of a section in the Diana Cooper book I have been reading about how our subconscious doesn't pick up on negative words, therefore taking it as 'I want a yellow or red car' rather than 'I don't want a yellow or red car' I suppose according to that rule I should of said ' I would rather have any colour other than yellow or red', which is a more positive statement, this comes across in affirmations too, it's needs to be positive to work the way it should so if you are happy where you are living don't keep saying to yourself 'I don't want to move' as the don't gets left out and you could find yourself living elsewhere without really knowing why, it does throw a spanner in the works as we all do it and add certain words to our convo's and thoughts without even realising it, so I think the reason I ended up with an orange van was because of this.
I always believed the subconscious mind to be a very powerful part of us and with genuine belief and application makes anything possible, but to say we don't register negative words explains a lot to me, think about it next time, how you phrase something you really want, or something you are trying to do that you keep repeating to yourself, do you use a negative word?.

Anyway that out of my system back to the question, which is about cars and colour. If you were buying a new or used car does the colour affect your decision?....... if so what colour do you prefer a car to be, and what one would you most avoid?...... and why?

This question does have a reason as at the moment I an reading up on colour in our lives and how we relate to it, and colour therapy, which I am doing a webpage on at the moment, and according to a recent auto magazine survey the most popular new car colour is Silver and the least popular is Gold!

Saturday, 6 January 2007

A pub with more than one kind of Spirit!

It's been one of those days today, the weather has been damp and cold all day and the rain seems to of carried on and on we never got round to turning off the lights as the dark clouds never really lifted, one of those days you really don't want to be outside, so we lit the log burner and stayed in.

This afternoon brought together a meeting with two of our group to discuss how the psychic evening, later in the month is to be scheduled, it's the second one we are doing at this venue and we have decided to change the format slightly, last time it was I that done the stand up mediumship demonstration, and feel someone else should do it this time so I can do the private tarot readings along with a few others, the evening is actually in a PUB and I was once told working a pub is one of the hardest venues to do, I agree, but how better to hone your readings!

Standing up in front of 40 odd people to do spirit messages requires and lot of trust and belief in not only yourself but those 'beyond the veil' and even more so when your audience has had a drink!

We have now got our front medium booked for the night and now I can work on the private readings for the night ( which we are doing at the same time as the main demo) I've got to be honest I prefer to do the one to one, and have my trusty Tarot cards to hand.

Link to the Events Page

Friday, 5 January 2007

Gaian Tarot

I have just spent a pleasant hour browsing around this website, if your love tarot as much as I do, you will love what's here.

Gaian Tarot Website

Aura / Kirlian Photography

I have spent most of this evening researching this subject again, the main reason is I want a kirlian camera here for this years summer psychic event, six months ago I knew very little about this subject and learnt so much last year, decided to put it into practice this year at the event.

Last year we had an open 9 day summer psychic event held at my place here in the Essex countryside, and due to the success of the first one, I am planning this years already, last year we did an aura workshop and thought it would be good to have an aura camera here to take pictures of peoples aura, so after many e-mails and phone calls managed to find someone that had one, I even looked at buying one, then the questions in my head started!, being a person that like to know what things are started my reseach on Aura and Kirlian Photography, whats the difference?, how good are they?.... what I found out in the following weeks suprised me. Aura and Kirlian Photography are not the same thing!!!....... before I go into what I am doing research for now, (oh and by the way I cancelled the aura camera person last year!) I will post a section from a Kirlian Photography website last year, and I quote;

Kirlian photography is contact photography. The object to be photographed must touch the film directly. There is a camera on the market that takes pictures of a subjects head and torso and shows coloured lights around the person (an Aura Camera). Sometimes this unit is falsely marketed as a Kirlian camera. That camera inputs information about electrical skin resistance from the hand, and a computer uses those numbers as inputs in a formula that tells the camera what colours to use. Coloured lights are then projected onto Polaroid film. The "aura" would show up regardless of anyone posing for the picture. The skin resistance information this unit displays would be more usable as a chart, rather than an "aura". True Kirlian photography displays vastly more useful information, and does not rely on gimmicks or false advertising.

To show you the difference of the 2 there are two pictures below showing how these cameras reproduce an image, the first is the result from a Kirlian camera, the second from an aura 'camera'

There is evidence that Kirlan photographs do give indications of the health and emotional changes in living things by changes in the brightness, colour, and patterns of light. At the University of California Center for Health Sciences, a plant's leaf showed changes when being approached by a human hand and pricked.
Even when part of the leaf was cut off, the glowing portion of the amputated portion still appeared on film.
Other researchers have found that changes in the emotional conditions of humans can be detected by changes in the brightness, colour and formation patterns in the photographs. When psychic healers were photographed flares of light were seen streaming from their fingertips as they performed their respective activities.

On the other hand (excuse the pun) an aura camera, via it's electrodes connected to your fingers is 'predicting' the colour of your aura, it is NOT a photograph of your aura colours, as it said above , your don't even need to be in the picture

A real Kirlian hold no false promises, in fact a basic unit only works in black and white ( the colour is enhanced) but after my research it is the only one I would now use.
This year we will have one to test out, if I can't hire one I will buy or make one ( yes I do have the plans and circuits and a bit of a wizz with a soldering iron) so will let you know the outcome.

In the mean time (I know I will get shot down for this too) if you are considering spending £25.00 on an aura photo at a psychic fair, treat it as for what it is....entertainment!!!

Thursday, 4 January 2007

How Spiritual are you? Quiz

How Spiritual are you

Your anwers options are; True or False

1. I often feel so connected to the people around me that it is like there is no separation between us. True False

2. I often do things to help protect animals and plants from extinction. True False

3. I am fascinated by the many things in life that cannot be scientifically explained. True False

4. Often I have unexpected flashes of insight or understanding while relaxing. True False

5. I sometimes feel so connected to nature that everything seems to be part of one living organism. True False

6. I seem to have a "sixth sense" that sometimes allows me to know what is going to happen. True False

7. Sometimes I have felt like I was part of something with no limits or boundaries in time and space. True False

8. I am often called "absent-minded" because I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I lose track of everything else. True False

9. I often feel a strong sense of unity with all the things around me. True False

10. Even after thinking about something a long time, I have learned to trust my feelings more than my logical reasons. True False

11. I often feel a strong spiritual or emotional connection with all the people around me. True False

12. Often when I am concentrating on something, I lose awareness of the passage of time. True False

13. I have made real personal sacrifices in order to make the world a better place, like trying to prevent war, poverty and injustice. True False

14. I have had experiences that made my role in life so clear to me that I felt very happy and excited. True False

15. I believe that I have experienced extrasensory perception. True False

16. I have had moments of great joy in which I suddenly had a clear, deep feeling of oneness with all that exists. True False

17. Often when I look at an ordinary thing, something wonderful happens. I get the feeling that I am seeing it fresh for the first time. True False

18. I love the blooming of flowers in the spring as much as seeing an old friend again. True False

19. It often seems to other people like I am in another world because I am so completely unaware of things going on around me. True False

20. I believe that miracles happen. True False

add up your scores and check below SCORING: Give yourself one point for each TRUE answer and 0 points for each FALSE answer. ................................................

14 and above = highly spiritual, a real mystic;
12-13 = spiritually aware, easily lost in the moment;
8-11 = spiritually average; could develop more spiritual life if desired;
6-7 = a practical empiricist lacking self-transcendence;
1-5 = highly skeptical, resistant to developing spiritual awareness

Let us know your score

My Thoughts on The Five Reiki Principles

The Five Reiki Principles


As much as possible I follow these precepts but I am human too!

I - Just for today, I will not be angry.

Anger at others or oneself or at the whole world, creates serious blockages in one's energy. It is the most complex inner enemy.
I must admit that even now I feel anger well up inside, not normally directed at people but more the way the system treats people, ok you could say people are at fault and I suppose you are right but it's a bit like an invention, no one person can claim they invented something because their invention is more than likely a group of many other inventions, they just happen to bring together many other things to create a new object or material, I suppose the biggest problem I have is seeing how people are told what to do ( or not to do) by friends, family and even the system in which they live, advice is one thing, but the "you must do this" or "you can't do that" additude don't wash with me what gives someone the right to think they know better than the person themselves, ok we all make mistakes but isn't that all part of our life lessons?... ok will get off me soapbox now.

Letting go of anger. brings Piece into the Mind.

II - Just for today, I will not worry.

While anger deals with past and present events, worry deals with future ones. Although worry is not always a negative phenomena, endless worries may fill one's head, and each one bores a small hole in one's body and soul.
I remember an old saying about worry breeds worry, and it's so true, you start off worrying about a small thing which leads to a dozen other things and before long you find yourself worrying about 20 or 30 things you was'nt worrying about 4 hours ago

Letting go of worry, allows more time and energy to do what needs doing.

III - Just for today, I will be grateful.

Be grateful from your heart inwardly. Inner intention is the important element in this principle. Simple things as thanks, forgiveness, smiling, good words, gratitude, can improve others lives and make them happy.

Being thankful brings Joy into the Spirit.

IV - Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Support yourself and your family respectably, without harming others. Earn a respectable living, live a life of honour.
Ok this sound pretty straight forward but as a tarot reader it's easy to charge to much for second rate readings, but is far better to charge a reasonable rate for a reading from the heart, it gets you a better feedback, and don't forget those extra hours you booked at work you didn't do will come back on you one day!!

Working Honestly brings Abundance into the Soul.

V- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Honour your parents, honour your teachers, honour your elders, and above all the animals and creatures of this world, plants too should be seen as worthy to your respect too, I still feel guilty when I swot a fly or spray the ants nest in the airing cupboard, and apologize to the weeds I pull from the garden!!.

Being Kind brings Love into the Will.

And the earth moves on

Something struck me this afternoon as a payed a friend a visit on a local farm, (no not a rock) how the earth is in continual flux even in small ways.

I parked opposite his workshop by a massive pile of sand, today is very windy and has been so since yesterday, I suppose I was there about half an hour and driving back home notice a yellow tint on the bonnet of my dark blue car, where it has been raining before my visit the sand the wind had blown about had stuck the the wet spots on the car and had come back with me the 20 minute drive to my cottage, I've just been outside to get something from the car and it's now gone... re-claimed to the land.

Ok it's only tiny grains of sand but this shift of material goes on all over the world in small forms as well a deserts shifting about, so somewhere in my drive or garden are small pieces of land mass that came from who knows where and no doubt there is some of my garden or drive in lands far away!!

Windows to the soul

I remember reading somewhere that your eyes are the windows to the soul, I must admit I always look at the eyes when reading for someone, it tells me so much more.
Our senses tell us hundreds of thing every minute of the day, thousands of snippets of information are processed by our mind and stored, our sense of sight is a very powerful tool, images and colour instill different feelings within us, they can make us feel sad and they can make us feel happy.

I had an E-mail this morning from someone (we will call them Bob for the purpose of this post)
that feels they have had contact with the spirit world but seems to be an unwilling recipient, they go on to say they see visions and images given to them, and goes on to say they don't believe in tarot or anything man-made but except the spirit are in contact with them.
Bob is what is known as a natural Clairvoyant, which means literally 'to see' so if or when he decides to develop his gift further will be given most of his information by way of images and symbols.

There was one part of the e-mail that drew me attention and inspired this post, and I quote " I don't believe in tarot or anything man-made".......

A simple phrase but I think tarot has been misunderstood by far to many people for years, tarot cards are not some dark or spooky means of seeing your future or predicting the fate of those around you,....there are pictures on a piece of card!!! Tarot are nothing without a good reader, going back to our sense of sight and how we feel by what we see, and what we have stored up there in our memories...

One of the first things I say to anyone wishing to learn to read tarot cards is pick ones you like, don't pick them because everyone else you know uses them, pick one that you are drawn to with images, symbols and pictures you like and connect with, this is itself starts you off ahead of many by stirring your feelings ( and you deeper mystical side) and your own experiences to each card, with new students I take away the book they get with the cards and teach them to work intuitively (no I don't throw the book away, I give it back after the lesson) I will give you an example later!

So in a way Bob is missing out on one of the best connection mediums there is, I know some of you out there are saying do I think that there is a spirit picking the cards then? well not as such but I don't believe in luck or coincidence either.
Many Mediums I know work with cards and why not, the more information you can give someone the better, I myself although a tarot reader first, get far more from the cards as a medium than I would without them!

The link below is a row of pictures, ones I use in tarot and psychic workshops, do you read? how would you read the pictures in the link? how do they make you feel?

Picture Link Page

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Predicting a number

Ok so did you try it?.......Was I right? (See last post)

Of course I was, there was nothing psychic about it, just pure mathamatics, but some people are fooled by this kind of prediction, why?.. because they want to be.

Many psychics and readers are genuine, but there a lot that are not and just want your money, I know there will be a few that will want to shoot me down for saying this, but those are the frauds not the real one's.

I had a client phone me tonight that I have never dealt with, not sure how they got my number but suffice to say she wanted a reading and lived miles away, she asked how to pay, I suggested she go online and pay via paypal, what she said shocked me..."sorry I've not got the internet at home can I give you my credit card details over the phone instead"...AAAAAGGHH...I can't believe people still do this, anyway I suggested it's not a good idea to hand card details over the phone to someone she didn't know, but I bet a few would of taken them!!!.

As it was I did the reading and suggested she sent me a cheque in the post, I believe it will come in the post, because I have great faith in human nature and believe in an old saying, "one good turn deserves another" or put another way, "good or bad that you do, is returned to you"!

First Post

Well here we are in a new year and it seems that things here are still on a slow start up (guess it will be next week before everyone is back to normal)

Just as an opening gambit, try out this test.....

Can I predict a number?
Think of a number...... any number
Add 7 to it.
Subtract 2.
Subtract your original number.
Multiply by 4.
Subtract 2.
Now click on link to see if I was right

Answer Link Page

Happy New Year

Next post